We also offer a professional and friendly hair braiding service, We do both afro caribbean and non-afro hair for women, men and children of all races and at a reasonable rates.

Hair Braiding Price

Micro Braids start from £120-160

Pick & drop braids £85-105

Sewn in track weave is £15 per Row

Net Weave/Full Head Weave £95

Weave with Natural Hair Leave out/Partial Weave - £80

Full Head Weave with Lace Closure - £85

(Without Extensions) £25 - £45

(With Extensions) £45 - £55

Sewn in weave Removal £15

Pick & drop is done like braids; each braid is matted/plaited for only about 1cm or less. The idea is to achieve the effect of a sewn in weave when the style is finish.

Tree braiding is a method that allows individual to braid and weave loose pieces of hair into braids which are used within the hair to add volume and length into the hair. Tree braids are also known as invisible braids which can be placed throughout various parts of the hair.

Feathers braids technique allows more flexibility with your braid style with lighter weight and less hair.

A latch hook weave is a type of hair weaving that is created by first cornrowing the hair in the desired pattern. Then, with the aid of a latch hook needle, the hair is weaved through the cornrow and secured.

Lace Frontal - start from £200

Frontals can be cut to match the dimensions of your natural hairline and can be use In Conjunction With Sew-In Weaves. This is great for people who have balding edges or thinning and do not want to wear a full unit, This enables you to have a style with all your hair pulled back in one and no one will know that it is not your hair. Hairline comes in various widths and depths, which covers half of the average head. The Hairline is completely undetectable once attached.

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