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Hair Extensions 

At Creative Hair Extensions Salon, we use only the finest quality European Irvin hair, Russian virgin hair, Brazilian virgin hair and Remy Cachet hair extensions. All the cuticles face the same direction from root to tip. This is vital in ensuring that your extensions don’t matt or tangle. We love to offer variety of different hair for everyone to have a choice of which they would like.

If you follow the aftercare advice you can expect your hair to last between one and three years. The source of the hair determines the price, we generally would advise you to have a hair type that closely matches your own for a natural result. only use the finest Hair Extensions on the market, ensuring that you are left with a high quality finish that looks and feels 100% natural. All hair colours can be mixed and blended to create the perfect colour.

Different lengths: 14, 16 -18, 20 – 22 and 24 inches, we can offer length up to 28 inch (at request only). Handmade Hair Extensions for different choice either for thin hair, short hair, long hair, brown hair, blonde hair, black hair, wavy hair, curly hair and more.  We offer half a head, full head and extra full head of hair extensions , depending on the length and thickness of your own hair.

Double Drawn Russian Slavic hair. 3  yrs

This is superior quality hair that has not been chemically alter and the roots and tips all run in the same direction. Our Russian hair is also double drawn ensuring thickness from root to tip. Our Russian hair is of exceptional quality and is durable yet fine at the same time. We provide this in natural colours only, hair can also be re-installed many times while still retaining its beautiful feel. will last up to 3 years with correct aftercare .

Luxury Russian raw Slavic hair

Double Drawn Russian Virgin Hair. 1 -yr

Hair extensions england

Roots and tips run in the same direction, our Russian Virgin hair is incredibly versatile and long lasting which means there is no need to treat it any different from your own hair. The less hair is coloured and processed means the better the quality.

All our hair is 100% cuticle correct hair and our hair extension is also double drawn ensuring thickness from root to tip.  last up to 1 – 2 years.

Russian Virgin Hair

lush hair extensions

Double Drawn Brazilian Virgin Hair – last 12months  

Hair extensions

Brazilian hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair in the world because It is known for its full body, lovely texture and luxury bounce. Brazilian Virgin human hair is extremely strong – it comes naturally Straight, wavy, Deep wavy and Curly. It is cuticle correct hair, provided by the donor in its original state.  Hair will last 12 months plus.

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Double Drawn Remy Cachet Hair – last 4 – 6 months  

One of the most luxurious and high quality hair extensions available. Remi Cachet hair refers to the hair cuticles being kept intact (remi) to give the highest quality, and a mark of distinction. cachet. 

Brazilian Virgin Hair

clip in hair extensions
Hair extensions lengths .

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