nano ring hair extensions

Nano ring hair extensions is around 90% smaller than most micro ring methods. undetectable and comfortable finish. Nano ring hair extensions are suitable for both fine medium and thick hair. Perfect choice for fine hair. Nano ring hair is high-quality hair which is fully re-usable and making this system very affordable. The hair comes in a large assortment of colours and the texture blends well with most types of hair.

Pros – Easy to manage, Very discreet, subtle and easy to manage,  flexible with any hairstyle. Nano ring Last 3 – 4 month. Fitting takes 3 – 4hours

Micro ring hair extensions is one of the safest, easiest to maintain option. Free of glue or heat. Each hair extension piece is bespoke and professionally attached using micro ring hair extension technology. Micro ring technique is a small and undetectable hair extension technique that combines strands of natural hair with the extension hair using tiny undetectable copper rings lined with silicone to provide a comfortable cushion for the hair and produce an elegant and flat bond to hold the hair in place. This is gentle but yet highly secure. Fitting and removal are one of the easiest hair extension available, It can be done on all types of hair.

Pros – Easy to manage, Very discreet, subtle and easy to manage,  Nano ring Last 3 – 4 month before requiring maintenance/ tightening due to hair growth. Fitting last 3-4 hours.

Micro bonds hair extensions is very popular, this method is done by adding individual strands of 100% cuticle human hair to the client’s natural hair. The bond is as small as a grain of rice and are better suited to very fine hair also as they are even more discreet than micro rings. Every strand of hair is the same weight and density as your natural hair when applied so the extension doesn’t add any extra pressure or tension to the scalp. You can wash, dry and style the hair extensions just like your own hair. Easy to apply and remove, are not damaging to the hair and create an undetected, free-fall and natural effect and hair can be put in a ponytail.

Pros – Easy to manage, Very discreet, subtle and easy to manage,  flexible with any hairstyle. Nano ring Last 3 – 4 month and won’t cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp.

Micro Beaded weave also known as La Weave method is done by adding beads to the natural hair and weft is then sewn on it. it lays flat to the head, this method can take up to 1 hours to fit depending on how much hair is required. This method will last between 2-3 months before needing remover or refitting.

Mesh integration SYSTEM is an excellent method which is specially made to add volume and length to thinning hair. Made of a stretchable mesh that allows the mesh to be worn comfortably and securely in place without the use of heat, weaving, or bonding. The natural looking foundation is undetectable and disappears as it touches the skin. It is structured to simulate hair growing out of the skin because client natural hair is drawn through mesh. This is suitable for cancer patients, Trichos, Alopecia or any other types of hairloss. This method is designed to keep your natural hair healthy, and therefore will not damage your hair.

Cold fusion is a new technique of attaching hair extensions. It is a strand by strand application method but the difference is that there is no heat involved. With the help of ultrasonic hair extensions machine, flat, small and absolutely undetectable bonds are formed. Instead of heat, ultrasonic waves are used to apply tiny keratin bonds to your hair. Cold fusion hair extensions have been useful for people suffering from alopecia or any other hair loss.

Pros – Easy to manage, Very discreet, subtle and easy to manage,  flexible with any hairstyle. Last 3 – 4 month and won’t cause any damage to your natural hair or scalp.

SEWN IN TRACK WEAVE – Track weave – is a very popular option for people looking for length, fullness, colour, texture or style of their hair. This is where a secure track of hair is used to stitch wefts of hair into your own hair. Full head Consists of 3 – 5 sewn in rows of Hair Extensions. Last 8 – 12 weeks

TAPE HAIR EXTENSIONS – are a fantastic method for fine, thinning hair, medium or thick hair of all lengths. It’s a gentle method of achieving long hair. Removal is very easy and you can re-use with good aftercare. Tape hair extensions are small strips of hair that are attached to your own hair at the root. Tapes are non-damaging to the natural hair as they are lightweight and do not put pressure on the hair.

Quick to apply, you can fit in a lot of hair even in fine hair, and it lies very flat and invisible in the hair. The application takes just 1 hour.

Clients is still able to tie her hair up without showing the tapes. The tapes are very flat and invisible in the hair. Last approx 8 – 12 weeks. it can be removed and refitted using new tape.

net weave

Net weave is adding hair extensions to a person’s hair by creating a foundation with a weaving net, and then sewing the weft hair extensions. is commonly used on women suffering from traction alopecia, balding, fine or hair thinning. Net hair weaving gives more versatility and styling options for women with little or no natural hair, and protects their current hair by reducing maintenance like brushing and combing. Will usually last 2-3months

Weave with natural hair leave out

Some of the natural hair is left out on the top, sides and or back area. is a protective style. This is an ideal style for people who want to give their hair a break from heat, etc. This is also ideal for people who are making the transition from relaxed to natural, or are trying to grow their hair out. Client should have at least 4 inches of hair. This application can last up to 2 – 3 months. Client can have any colour or texture that they want.

Sewn in weave with lace closure

This is the most realistic sew-in weave you can have! It offers a more versatile parting option and looks totally natural, The closure is worn with a weave to give a natural looking hair line with the appearance of a scalp and therefore can be parted and styled in any matter. For clients who don’t want to fuss with their leave out, worry about blending or heat damage, this is suited for you

Micro Weft Hair Extension application method is much quicker than the individual strand by strand method. Small sections of the clients hair and hair from the weft are gently pulled through micro rings which are then clamped to secure the weft in place, these sections are placed approximately 2cm apart. No sewing is require to hold the wefts in place.