Do you have thinning hair?

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Do you have thinning hair?

Do you suffer from hairloss?

Do you want fuller hair?

Do you want thicker hair?

Do you want to cover your hair loss?

Make your hair look more Beautiful and natural?

Losing your hair can have a devastating effect on the way you feel about yourself, Mesh Integration System is an advanced method to cover hair loss in women. Mesh integration is a Hair System that is specially made to add volume and length to thinning hair. Your existing hair and a mesh material are used as a foundation to add more hair to the affected area. It takes about 2 to 4 hours to do. Clients can have total confidence because the hair system will be fitted well and remain securely on. whether they are showering, bathing, excising, running or swimming.

Consultation is necessary so that we can discuss your suitability, hair type and your needs for this method. *Consultations is free and must always be carried out prior to fitting appointment being made.

Prices start from £550 – £ 1,200 depending on hair and coverage. 


Our lace wigs can provide hair replacement solutions for anyone suffering from hair loss due to stress, alopecia and chemotherapy. Creative hair extensions Lace hair wigs are created using high quality European virgin hair, Brazilian virgin hair and Russian Russian virgin.

Full lace wigs is a type of wig which are made with lace which sits on and covers your whole head. You can treat a full lace wig as you would your regular hair, Full lace wigs are more versatile because you can also style them into up-dos, braids, and many other hairstyles which is not quite so with the front lace wig such as a high ponytail. Once the wig is applied, it will appear that all the hair is growing directly from your head. You can colour,  curl or wave, flat ironed or blow dried your hair without damaging your own natural hair. All lace wigs come with a natural pre-plucked hair line, that come with baby hair. 

All of our human hair lace wigs are made from the finest Swiss lace that are specially designed and measured to fit. The lace material is discreetly attached around the circumference and base of the wig using tape/adhesive or grips, fitting perfectly just below your natural hairline. The lace is available in a range of colours which blend into all skin tones creating a natural and realistic hairline.

Our lace wigs can be worn without any adhesive or can be attached just below your natural hairline with tape/adhesives, when applied and worn correctly the hairline can appear genuine and completely undetectable. There is no shedding, and zero tangling. Hair will last 1 – 2 years with proper care and maintenance. You can wash and style as normal and feel confident at all times, even during sporting activities such as swimming.

Prices start from £550 – £1500 depending on hair, length and coverage.

For more information please get in touch. Call 07983 339737 or Email or fill in the contact form below and we will get back to you.

Custom Made Hair Topper or Monofilament for Men and Women.

Hair topper piece gives your hair a natural looking boost, it can easily be attached to your hair and stay secure all day for added volume and length. Both men and women can wear hairpiece. This is most commonly use to cover hair loss in the crown area, Our Hair Toppers or monofilament are made with 100 percent human hair and provide a seamlessly natural style that leaves you looking and feeling fabulous.

Prices start from £500 – £900 depending on hair and coverage.

Custom Sewn or Machine Hand Made Wigs.

The natural finish and invisible appearance of our custom hand made wig means that no one will know that you are wearing a wig. Our hair is double drawn with cuticles intact to prevent tangling and shedding. Our custom hand made lace wigs are made with unprocessed virgin hair of outstanding quality that that has never been coloured, dyed or bleached.

You can choose from Brazilian Virgin Hair or Peruvian Virgin Hair. You can decide the hair type, style and colours to use and you can wash as usual, blow dry it, curl the wig or straighten. Our hair is very durable and can be used wash after wash without shedding or tangling. Our wigs include an elastic band and adjustable for extra support and allow the wig to sit securely on your head without glue or tape. Lengths start from 14 inches – 26 inches. 

All our handmade wigs are made to order so allow up to 2 weeks to make. 

Prices start from £400 – £850 depending on hair, length and coverage.


Net weave – Protective Hair Style. 

This method is similar to the regular sew-in method with the exception of the net. Your natural hair is braided underneath a thin breathable net which fits on the scalp. Net weave method provides more application flexibility than track placements as the stylist is not limited to sewing onto each track only and this method is not as time consuming as other hair extension methods (usually takes 2-4 hours to complete). Can last up to 3 – 4 months and requires care.

Price is determined by your hair length and thickness.

Crochet Braid -Protective Hair Style.

The application process is far quicker than that of a traditional sew-in, box braids, or even twists. There is minimal stress to your scalp because all you’re doing is looping on hair onto your already braided hair – no pressure or pulling required, which makes this a great protective style.



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