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Hair Extensions Maintenance – FAQ.

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Your new hair extensions are safe and will not damage your own hair if you follow the aftercare. Maintenance appointments usually occur every 2 – 3 months. Creative hair extensions offer a hair extensions re-tightening or refitting service. Regular maintenance appointments are essential to ensure your hair extensions look and feel as good as new. When its time to have your extensions moved up or remove and refit. We can help, even if you originally had your extensions applied elsewhere. 

Where are you located? 

We are located in Runcorn, Cheshire. We work by appointment only.

What are the benefits of getting hair extensions?

Hair extensions enable you to transform your look over a few hours by adding length and volume to your natural hair. more about 

How long does my own hair need to be to have extensions?

we recommend that your own hair is at least 4 – 5 inches long.

How long will my hair extensions last?

You can wear your hair extensions for a maximum of three months before they will need to be refitted.

Which type of hair extensions do you offer?

We offer all of the methods on the market including micro bonds, micro-rings, cold fusion, la weave, tape hair extensions, nano ring hair extensions, sew in weave. Check out the various methods in our hair services page. 

Can I reuse the hair extensions after they have been removed?

As long as the hair has been well-maintained, it can be re applied again many times.

What is the meaning of virgin hair?

When hair is described as ‘virgin’, it means that it’s completely unprocessed, free of any hair colour or chemicals, retaining all the cuticles, and in its original healthy state.

What is the difference between double drawn hair and single drawn hair?

Double drawn hair extensions are the highest quality because the hair is manually treated so shorter hairs are eliminated. All the hair is of equal length, resulting in better volume. Single-drawn hair extensions have thinner ends.

How long does maintenance appointment take?  

Maintenance appointments usually take 1 to 3 hours depending on the method or if you had whether you have a half or full head of hair extensions.

Will my hair look natural? 

we offer a luxury service using only the finest quality 100% human hair extensions, excellent colour matching and a safe application.  

Does hair extensions damage natural hair?

Damage will only occur if the application is incorrect, or if the correct aftercare advice was not followed.

If I fancy a new hair colour, how will that match up with my extensions?

 Any extension hair I use is perfectly matched in colour to your own.

Do I have to give my hair a rest in between having hair extensions?

Some clients like to give their natural hair a rest for days, weeks or months. It all depends on personal preference but most people prefer to have their extensions removed and replaced on the same day. There is no benefit to giving your hair a rest in between.

Can I straighten or curl my hair?
Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style human hair extensions, just as you would your own hair.
Why is there shedding when I remove my hair extensions?
Hair sheds naturally on a daily basis. It’s normal to loose up to fifty hairs a day. Hair extensions don’t stop this entirely natural process. The hairs that are shed over a period of time become trapped in the hair extensions and released when the extensions are removed.
Will people be able to notice if I am wearing extensions?
Your hair extensions will blend perfectly with your own hair, match your colour and texture. Trimming and shaping after each fitting is part of the service.
Do I need to buy expensive shampoos and conditioners?

It is recommended to use products that are specially designed for hair extensions without harsh chemicals. Creative Hair Extensions offer special products that are suitable for the hair extensions.

I go to the gym regularly. Will this affect my hair extensions?

If you regularly attend the gym it should not affect your hair extensions. You may notice some minor additional shedding from the extensions due to a build up of oils at the root.

Is it safe to leave my hair to dry naturally?

I recommend drying your hair fully and this should be done every time you wash your hair extensions.

Will the hair extensions be cut and blended once fitted?

Yes, after application your new extensions will be trimmed, blended and styled. Our method retains the natural tip of the extension hair while at the same time adding layers and integrating your own hair into your chosen style because we want the hair extensions to be natural and undetectable.

Hair Extensions Aftercare Guide.

Your hair extensions are designed for three months of continuous wear, During those three months, it’s very important to know how to look after your extensions so that your hair stays looking natural.

We only use 100% natural human hair, so you can wash and style your hair extensions just as you would your own hair.

we recommend only washing your hair extensions 2 – 3 times per week.

Newly fitted hair extensions should not be washed within 24hrs of being applied. The first and most important thing is that you keep your hair clean. Wash it at least twice a week with warm water and an oil-free, mild shampoo and conditioner. Its important to wash your hair immediately after swimming to remove chlorine, wash after exercising as well. 

Before you wash your hair, you must brush it thoroughly to remove all the tangles. This will make washing it much easier. Keep your head upright while you shampoo so that the hair stays in one position. Use oil free shampoo and conditioner only.

Conditioner should only be applied from the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair (only applicable to single strands hair extensions).

It is important to brush your hair each time it gets wet. Start at the ends and slowly and gently work your way up using one hand to brush and the other to hold your hair still. Brushing this way will prevents shedding and damaging your extensions.

Brush your hair with a Paddle brush before washing your hair, this will stop your hair getting tangled when washing your hair.

You can straighten, curl, and tong the hair extension, but avoid excessive strain and pulling.

For those who have an oily hair, make sure you wash your hair extensions regularly. 

Do not sleep with wet hair, Ensure it is dry before going to bed, It is recommended to gently tie your hair up to prevent tangling too.

Before going to sleep, put your hair into a plait or tie it up loosely to avoid any tangling during the night. Avoid going to bed with wet hair.

We highly recommend using a heat-protecting spray and a medium heat setting if available for your hair.

Styling products such as hair sprays, serum or mousse may be use but you should avoid applying them near the bonds or rings.

Simply Call us or text to book in for consultation before 1pm and your hair will be available by 11:30am the next day (excluding Sundays)


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